Brand: ICOM Model: KE-026-0141
Extention cable (additional 3.5m) for IC-2720H..
Ex Tax:23.00€
Brand: ICOM Model: KE-026-0112
USB data communication cable to connect to a PC or an Android device for IC-705..
Ex Tax:30.00€
Brand: ICOM Model: KE-026-0113
USB data communication cable to connect to a PC or an Android device for IC-705..
Ex Tax:30.00€
Brand: ICOM Model: KE-026-0114
OPC-2421 DC Power CableDC Power Cable for IC-705.Cable length: 1500 mm (excluding plug)Connector shape: L-type Φ5.5mm plug, Inner diameter 2.5ΦmmComes with 125 V 4 A fuses..
Ex Tax:33.00€
Brand: ICOM Model: KE-026-0115
Extended control cable between IC-705 and AH-705. (5 m, 16.4 ft)..
Ex Tax:29.00€
Brand: ICOM Model: KE-026-0116
Extended coaxial cable between IC-705 and AH-705. (5 m, 16.4 ft)..
Ex Tax:67.00€
Brand: MESSI AND PAOLONI Model: KE-024-0004
PRICE AND QUANTITY ARE PER METERFlexible 50 Ohm coaxial cable, suitable for short stretches and low frequencies. The MIL C17-F series is thoroughly manufactured according to american military standards, and the great care with which Messi & Paoloni realise these models has gained us the classifi..
Ex Tax:1.00€
Brand: MESSI AND PAOLONI Model: KE-024-0002
Ultraflex-10 is a high-quality flexible cable with a multi-stranded central conductor. It has excellent mechanical and electrical properties. Its technical specifications are so good that up to 10 MHz it slightly outperforms the single-stranded BROAD-PRO 50. The Ultraflex-10 is ideal for use at high..
Ex Tax:3.70€
Brand: MESSI AND PAOLONI Model: KE-024-0003
Ultraflex-7 is a coaxial cable made for professional and amateur radio applications. It is particularly flexible in construction with a multi-stranded internal conductor consisting of 19 copper wires and an external casing made of black PVC, highly resistant to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Ultraflex-..
Ex Tax:2.50€
Brand: SIRIO Model: KE-031-0005
Electrical Data:Frequency range:From DC to 500 MHzCable lenght / type:5 m (16.4 ft) / RG58Connector:FME-femaleAntenna connection:UHF-female (SO-239)Mechanical Data:Materials:Nickel plated brass, Gold plated brass, PTFEOverall Size:Ø 38mm (1.5in)Mounting Hole:Ø 16mm ( 5/8 in)..
Ex Tax:30.00€
Brand: WIMO Model: KE-039-0001
Parallel wire cable is used as a high frequency cable for antennas. Typical antenna designs using this cable are G5RV, Zepp, dipoles and others. The spacing and conductor thickness essentially determine the impedance of the cable, usually 450 ohms is chosen. The feed is usually via a balanced tuner ..
Ex Tax:2.20€
Brand: ICOM Model: KE-026-0384
Cigarette lighter cable w/filter for T2/F3/T22/T81/E80D..
Ex Tax:31.00€
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