Transceivers Power Supplies

Brand: ALINCO Model: KE-025-0001
DM-30E is the new model switching power supply from Alinco. It combines low price, high build quality, light weight and size. Its voltage varies from 9 to 15 while the current it can provide is up to 30A peak. It has a large illuminated digital display with voltage and current display, terminals for..
Ex Tax:125.00€
Brand: QJE Model: KE-034-0003
The QJE PS23SWI is a lightweight, highly efficient, compact 23A max power supply.It is made to work with various types of transceivers. To ensure its reliability, the QJE PS23SWI has constant current protection, temperature protection and output overvoltage protection.A pair of large terminals are m..
Ex Tax:85.00€
Brand: QJE Model: KE-034-0001
The QJE PS30SWI is a 13.8V stabilized voltage power supply with a maximum output current of 30A. It will comfortably power all the devices you have in the shack. It has a spare voltage output in a car cigarette lighter plug with a current of 10A. The voltage and current readings are shown on the bui..
Ex Tax:85.00€
Brand: QJE Model: KE-034-0002
The PS30SWIII power supply packs into a very small size everything a radio amateur could ask for. It has a variable output voltage from 9 to 15V while the maximum current it can provide is 30A. The built-in fan is thermostatically controlled and operates automatically only if the temperature of the ..
Ex Tax:95.00€
Brand: YAESU Model: KE-021-0040
Cigarette lighter DC cable with noise filter...
Ex Tax:27.00€
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