CB Radios

Brand: ALAN-MIDLAND-ALBRECHT Model: KE-022-0005
Albrecht portable CB transceiver and which is probably the only one that comes with SSB configuration! The SSB configuration provides almost twice the bandwidth of the FM configuration.Main characteristics:40 mulitband channels for use throughout the European UnionHigh / Low power option (Hi / Low)T..
Ex Tax:279.00€
Brand: ALAN-MIDLAND-ALBRECHT Model: KE-022-0006
Vehicle SSB transceiver for Europe80 FM Channels, 4 Watt40 AM Channels, 4 Watt40 SSB Channels, 12 WattThe new SSB vehicle transceiver of Albrecht SA 5890 EU, complies with all modern standards.The transceiver SA 5890 EU, has an LCD screen with a choice of 7 colors (red, green, blue and color mixing)..
Ex Tax:299.90€
Brand: CRT Model: KE-027-0003
First selling CB transceiver from French CRT. It is “multi-standard”, State of the art in CB transceivers.28-30MHz toll-free ham radio extension capability with 5KHz VFO pitch and 15-40W output!!It can work in almost any country in Europe and thus works in all bands like DE, UK, PL & EUspecifica..
Ex Tax:129.00€
Brand: ALAN-MIDLAND-ALBRECHT Model: KE-022-0003
With the WA‐Dongle adaptor the CB becomes Bluetooth and can be used remotely; then, to suit your needs, you can choose amongst the earphone/mikes of the WA family that make your conversations “private” and to ensure that you won’t be heard all around. Or you can plug‐in a traditional headset with 2p..
Ex Tax:144.00€
Brand: ALAN-MIDLAND-ALBRECHT Model: KE-022-0004
Thanks to 6 programmable keys, wide multicolour TFT display, with Dual Watch function to monitor two channels at the same time, Automatic switch-on, display of the channel number or channel number plus frequency, make it the perfect tool for communication professionals.Technical featuresWeight820 gr..
Ex Tax:149.00€
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